About us

Shenzhen MINSDA Printing Co., Ltd. is on of famous professional printing company,we can produce almost all type of adhesive labels for beverages,cosmetic,food,clothes,price,shipping,warning and so on.

Our Machine and Stage:
1,With the most advanced 6+1 color and 4-color printing machines over four machine
2,Full-automatic production line,serveral automatic machine process include film,printing,cut,hot stamping,UV,emboss,and so on..all of technology operate high speed via full-automatic machine.

3,Independent QC department,inspection equipment and 6 QC labor strictly control the quality.

If you need further information,or you have any inquiry,please dont hesitate to contact with us NOW



Contact: Joyce

Phone: 13823580244

Tel: 0755-84749226

Email: Joyce@minsda.com

Add: A5 Building, Xiufeng Industry, Buji, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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